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  Captain Grimshaw Spotting Great White Sharks and Whales from his Super Cub off Montauk,N.Y.


     The Three Legged Pony, Memior of a True East Hampton Bonacker

                                                    By Kenneth W. Grimshaw                
                Preview:   * JACO THE CAMEL KILLER
     One of the best pilots I have ever known, started out as a line
boy with me at the East Hampton Airport. He was a Frenchman
named Jean Jolie, I called him Jaco. He had flown 102’s in the
Algerian War, in the French North African Air Force.  He told me
he and had the oddest of jobs, he killed camels from the sky. This
only seems like a lie, it seems like a stupid lie.
     But when you think about it for a moment, it makes sense, as
interdiction of supply routes is perhaps the oldest of military
strategies. In this war, a war of rebellion by the French North
African colonies against France herself, the materiel traveled by
camel and by not much else. Machine guns, pack mortars and
howitzers, les canons,  food, clothing, ammunition. It all
traveled by camelback from point a to point b, and all for use
against De Gaulle’s men.
     Jaco loved to go, and he loved to go fast. He married an
American woman, from Southampton, who had money and
probably could have afforded to keep him around the house, but
this ex-camels’ worst nightmare got a job with me at the East
Hampton airport as a line boy, despite having been a combat
fighter pilot.
     Soon enough, though, he was in the cockpit, and a handier guy
with stick and rudder there was not. That is not to say, though, that
he was always the sanest, safest guy on the tarmac, no.
     Once, we were flying a DC-3 back from Floyd Bennett field in
NYC to East Hampton. We were over Jamaica Bay, and Jaco had
the airplane. On that day, nothing would do but  to put the plane into a roll like it  were a pair of dice.

     But for those of you unfamiliar with the DC-3, there were extremely sturdy (some of them, pre-war all, are in active service today) airplane, used by the army during he war as a troop transport and all around cargo hauler. It is not – most emphatically not a fighter, or an aerobatic airplane. 

     But Jaco did it, right over the Marine Park Bridge. I started to yell when we started to roll, and I stopped when we stopped. I looked over and was greeted with the most excellent, nonchalant and Gallic smile possible from Jaco. “Fun, yes?” said he. “Heck no!” said I.
     This had little to no effect on Jaco. If it flew, it rolled, and proof of this for him was in the pudding when test pilots rolled a Boeing 747 during flight test.  The day that came out in Aviation Week was one of Jaco’s best, I thought. He carried  the article around with him, a twinkle in his eye, and looked at every goddamned thing with the intention of rolling it if he could, or looping the loop, preferably an outside loop, or taking it and streaking it at ten feet off  the Algerian deck, cannons ablaze, camels on the losing side of the equation.
      His wife was a looker, and although I am no real judge of these matters, he was a handsome guy. They made a great couple, and it was not too long before Jaco was elevated from the lowly post of ex-camel killer and lineboy to air taxi pilot, just as soon as he got an American license, which was pretty soon, as I recall. Eventually he ended up being a 747 captain, although I do not remember with which airline. All I know is that wherever he ended up, before his somewhat premature death on the ground from his heart, he wanted to roll that airliner every time he got it. He was one hell of a guy, and I was privileged for getting to fly with him.

  *STAY TUNED: Another Chapter to follow!!!



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